Discover how to ditch cable and still watch everything you want...Here's How You Can Cut the Cable TV Cord and $ave Money in 2018!

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Ditching cable or satellite TV for alternatives can save you hundreds of dollars and bring you more channels, movies and programming for pennies on the dollar.

Most pay-tv providers continue to do a poor job of leaving their customers feeling like their service is worth the money.

According to the latest ratings from Consumer Reports. This includes some of the country's largest companies such as Comcast, Spectrum (formerly Charter/Time Warner Cable) Cox Communications Cable and Verizon/Fios all of which earned low scores in multiple categories, including value and customer service.

Had it with high cable or satellite TV bills? You stand to save a lot of money in 2018 by ditching traditional TV services. Almost everything you might want to watch is now available online through streaming video services. Also visit Get Rid Of Your Cable.Com


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